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Firm Overview

Experienced Trial Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

The Law Offices of M. Brian McMahon focuses on complex civil litigation specializing in state and federal antitrust law, business litigation, oil and gas law, geothermal law, and environmental law, including contamination and remediation under the CERCLA and the HSAA. The Firm has a long and demonstrated history of success in complex civil litigation for the regulated industries:

  • The Firm was one of a team of six law firms that brought antitrust lawsuits against El Paso Natural Gas Company, Sempra Energy, SoCal Gas and SDG&E on behalf of natural gas and electricity customers in California arising out of the California Energy Crisis. The Firm represented the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach natural gas ratepayers and recovered settlements of over $30 million dollars. The value of the recovery of the coordinated lawsuits was approximately $3.5 billion for Californians and required the defendants to make significant structural changes in their practices that will prevent future energy crises of the type California experienced in 2000-2001.
  • As co-lead counsel in a Sherman Act antitrust case against seven major oil companies, the Firm achieved settlements worth over $300 million for its client. The case arose out of a price fixing conspiracy to under price crude oil.
  • In representing a distributor on appeal in a lawsuit against General Motors Corporation, the Firm obtained a complete reversal of summary judgment.
  • In a suit involving claims for millions of dollars against a client for the sale of its crude oil, the Firm convinced the Federal Circuit to reverse judgment against the client and to order dismissal of the case.
  • The Firm successfully obtained a multi-million dollar settlement for antitrust claims brought by its client, a sports equipment distributor, against two sports equipment trade groups that sought to squeeze our client out of the market.
  • The Firm provided assistance to a Federal Interagency Task Force investigating underpayments of federal crude oil royalties by oil companies. In addition, the Firm assisted the Minerals Management Service (MMS) of the United States Department of Interior in recovering unpaid crude oil royalties.
  • Successfully representing the State of California and coordinating the efforts of several states, the Firm convinced the United States Department of Interior to change its valuation regulations for federal crude oil. In this effort, the firm provided written and oral testimony at MMS hearings and met with MMS and Interior Department officials. The Firm also provided written comments to drafts of new MMS regulations. The efforts proved successful, as the Department of Interior changed its regulations to ensure that oil companies pay market value for federal crude oil royalties.

As an expert in crude oil pricing, Mr. Brian McMahon has testified before committees of the United States Senate and House of Representatives concerning oil companies’ underpayments of royalties for federal crude oil and how the federal government could obtain market value for its crude oil.

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