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Los Angeles, California, Antitrust Dispute Lawyer

The primary purpose of the federal and state antitrust laws is to promote and preserve competition. Actions and practices that prevent or restrict competition are illegal under the antitrust laws. Among the prohibited practices are price fixing among competitors, allocation of markets by competitors, bid rigging, certain tying arrangements and monopolistic practices. Business owners and consumers may be victimized by practices that violate the antitrust laws. Antitrust laws can be a minefield for business owners who attempt to do the right thing but inadvertently violate the antitrust laws.

There are a number of recognized defenses to claims brought under the antitrust laws. Potential plaintiffs must take these defenses into account when deciding whether to bring actions and when drafting complaints. Defendants must be aware of potential defenses when defending against antitrust claims.

At The Law Offices of M. Brian McMahon in Los Angeles, California, we have extensive antitrust litigation experience and are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients under federal and state antitrust laws. The Firm was one of a team of six law firms that brought antitrust lawsuits against El Paso Natural Gas Company, Sempra Energy, SoCal Gas and SDG&E on behalf of natural gas and electricity customers in California arising out of the California Energy Crisis recovering approximately $3.5 billion for Californians. The Firm represented the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach natural gas ratepayers and recovered settlements of over $30 million dollars. Natural Gas Antitrust Cases I, II, III & IV.

As co-lead counsel in Sherman Act antitrust cases against seven major oil companies, the Firm achieved settlements worth over $300 million for its client. The case arose out of a price fixing conspiracy to under price crude oil. Additional clients include sports equipment dealers and auto parts dealers. See Brian McMahon's attorney profile for additional antitrust cases. We work closely with our clients, developing strategies to win their antitrust disputes. City of Long Beach v. Standard Oil of California. People of the State of California v. Chevron Corp.

At our Firm, we assist clients by handling a broad range of antitrust issues through litigation, counseling and opinion letters:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Price Fixing
  • Allocation of Markets
  • Tying Arrangements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Preemption Doctrine
  • Filed Rate Doctrine

Are antitrust claims that you are defending or thinking of bringing barred by the doctrines of preemption and filed rate? The subtle and complex doctrines of preemption and filed rate limit and restrict the application of federal and state antitrust and unfair competition laws in diverse and complex ways. These doctrines have to be taken into account when determining whether or to what extent federal antitrust and unfair competition laws apply to industries that are subject to federal and state regulatory statutes and administrative agencies. The doctrines of preemption and filed rate are applied differently by courts depending on whether industries are subject to the jurisdiction of a federal or state agency. The federal and state regulatory mechanisms must be examined on an industry by industry basis to determine whether or not or to what extent, state antitrust and unfair competition laws are barred or restricted. We can help you decipher these doctrines and determine whether the antitrust claims that you are defending or thinking of bringing are barred by these doctrines.

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If you have been victimized by illegal antitrust practices, you have a right to pursue significant compensation for your losses. Antitrust laws often provide significant relief for victims including three times the damages suffered, costs of suit and attorneys fees.

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