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Crude Oil & Natural Gas

Crude Oil & Natural Gas Litigation

Financial, legal and environmental factors must be carefully considered when discussing contracts or leases involving crude oil and natural gas. Choosing an experienced attorney to protect your rights is everything.

No Substitute For Experience

Brian McMahon has over 30 years of experience dealing with the crude oil and natural gas industries. Having litigated on behalf of City of Long Beach and State of California against the major oil companies, our Firm knows what it takes to protect your oil and gas interests.

The Law Offices of M. Brian McMahon has years of complex civil litigation experience achieving successful results for oil and gas interest holders in matters related to crude oil and natural gas. Our oil and gas experience includes litigation involving:

  • Crude Oil & Natural Gas Production, Transportation and Refining
  • Oil & Gas Producers, Operators, Field Contractors, Working Interest Owners, Lessors, Lessees, Landowners and Royalty Owners
  • Disputes and Interpretation of Unit Agreements and Unit Operating Agreements
  • Crude Oil Pipeline Disputes
  • Crude Oil & Natural Gas Royalties
  • Plugging and Abandonment of Oil & Gas Wells
  • Crude Oil & Natural Gas Valuation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Agency (including Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement & DOGGR) Regulations

Complexities of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production, Transportation & Refining

In order to efficiently and responsibly utilize domestic energy reserves, it is necessary to understand the legal complexities and challenges arising from oil and gas production, sale, transportation and refining. Every aspect of natural resource development is subject to extensive oversight by federal, state and local government. Successfully navigating the labyrinth of statutory and regulatory authority is critical to protecting your oil and gas interests.

Disputes Between Oil & Gas Royalty Interest Owners and Producers

One of the most common conflicts involving crude oil and natural gas arises between royalty interest owners and oil and gas producers. Working with an experienced natural resources lawyer can ensure your royalty interests are not impaired or undersold during lease, royalty, and land use negotiations.

Crude Oil Pricing

Disputes over the market price of crude oil often arise. We have extensive litigation experience concerning crude oil pricing issues and have advised private entities, municipalities, counties, states, the Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the United States Congress concerning the market price of crude oil and natural gas.

Crude Oil Pipeline Issues

Laws requiring that certain pipelines serve as common carriers for the transportation of crude oil are occasionally broken, denying crude oil producers the access they need to get their product to market. If you have been denied access to a common carrier pipeline, you can count on us to aggressively pursue your rights.

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